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In the spring of 1914, Daniel has completed a deployment into India’s North Western Frontier. When Daniel returns to London and the British Army Reserves, he embraces a new life and career with his family … until Britain declares war. Daniel reports for duty and arrives in France with the British Expeditionary Force. The conflict is still a mobile war. During the retreat from Mons, Daniel’s battalion receives orders to go into action. The Irish are eager, but the German Hammer appears unstoppable. Although a small French village will become synonymous with his regiment’s valour, Daniel’s wife, Mary, and sons Steven and David are in the dark without word of their loved one’s fate. Finally, The Times publishes The Honour Roll. Daniel’s name is among the columns of those listed as Missing. One uncertain word changes their lives forever. This stirring epic chronicles the courage of a soldier and his family through the entire tragedy that becomes World War 1. From the home front and its hospital wards, to the battle front and beyond, if you read only one book to commemorate the Great War’s centennial, let it be My Kingdom. Inspired by real events and real people.

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