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Continuing where Sophia, Age of Intelligence left off, The Human Continuum propels Simon Taylor’s PurIntel Corporation into a future still dominated by his Halo application, an AI platform, which interacts with hundreds of millions of clients every day. Sophia represents many things to many people: Advanced Intelligence, the wisdom of the crowd, the combined intelligence of every human that came before her, but to Simon she embodies one thing - the next evolutionary step in the Human Continuum. 
From individuals to institutions, Sophia’s Halo clients leverage a resource unparalleled in human history. She knows everything you need to know when you need to know it. Most importantly, she has learned what it means to be human. If you’d like to know how the hot word Hey Sophia will underscore a new and exciting dimension in your life, and ultimately transform your world, step into the future and see how Sophia fits into the greatest story ever told: our human journey.

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