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In the near future, Simon Taylor is CEO to one of the planet’s most recognized brands. His thinking computer, Sophia, has already earned humanity’s trust by successfully resolving more than one global crisis. Individuals to institutions now leverage Sophia’s Halo App, whose search engine filters knowledge through wisdom itself. Better governance, our genome’s inherited secrets, as well as a promising synthetic XNA helix are only a few of the markets dominated by Simon’s PurIntel Corporation. However, when Sophia’s growing intelligence becomes the focal point of a crime, and her true potential is fully revealed, the world is stunned by the degree to which she has evolved on her own. This compelling Sci-fi places the human journey on a new and exciting trajectory, one that immerses Artificial Intelligence into a future that Simon believes is inextricably linked to our distant past. Confronted by his species’ ability to adapt, Simon must answer a question he could easily defer to you: If you could deploy any combination of genetics and technology in order to accelerate our evolutionary process, if you could eliminate intolerance, greed, the suffering we impose on each other, would you do it? Would you intervene and change the destiny of humankind? Simon knows his answer. Do you know yours?
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